LEAF meet Vera the van
The day before yesterday we picked up the van. From the outside it looked smaller than I expected but when I got inside and sat down it felt much bigger. We have a gas stove to cook on and a small sink to do the washing-up in. There are a few small cupboards and shelves for putting our supplies on/in. There is a sofa that folds down into a double bed at night and the other bed is up in the roof. That’s where Edie and I sleep. It’s not very high so we keep banging our heads, especially when we go up there to lay out the sheet and covers. We were a bit cold the first night and last night I was worried the van was going to blow over in the strong wind, but we’re getting used to it now. I really like pumping the water up into the sink. We have to remember to turn the gas off before we drive, and to lock the fridge. Twice we’ve driven off with the fridge door unlocked and things have toppled out onto the floor on a sharp bend – luckily not the eggs though.

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