Has he got the puff to snuff?
Ali celebrated his 45th birthday in his favourite restaurant with his favourite people, or so he said! There were 15 of us for the meal, including Cultural Bureau/photography pal Mr Li and his family, Hou Wanxia and Nini, Sue, Zhang Yun with her boyfriend Yu Jian and Freda's own little sweetheart, Lao Yang, and his family. After the main meal we brought out the cakes. Unfortunately a busy day at the TDC (and lack of prioritising on my part?) meant that we didn't have time to make a cake. Instead, we applied our 'creativity' (as Yu Jian kindly called it) to a couple of boxes of Cacao Pies - the only local chocolate cake that tastes like chocolate. Edie's happy, as it means the cocoa powder and syrup will be saved for her birthday cake in a week's time!

Ali's half of the dinner party. The candles aren't for romance, but to help keep the flies away.
9/4/2010 07:36:37 pm

Happy Birthday Ali!
(love the pun!)


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