In Aberdeen Ali, Freda and Edie paid a visit to the nearest steep snow-covered slope to Fountainhall Road and had great fun sledging down the hill. Not something we do or see much in China. Later we headed down to the train station with a multitude of bags and hopped on the 1525 to Inverness. Because of the weather we left Aberdeen an hour late, but by half six we were in Inverness. This morning's local radio is inviting listeners to call in with their news and views regarding icy pavements, slushy roads and school closures due to frozen car parks and playgrounds. It seems that we live in a nation of grumblers. If I'm wearing adequate footwear (thick-soled with a reasonable tread) then I have no difficulty walking along a snowy track or pavement. Maybe I'm just lucky not to be bothered by fashion. Mum and I sat in the cinema a few evenings ago with our old ski salopettes and welly boots having dug our way out of Craiglea and into town. I wasn't going to risk getting stuck in a snowdrift with jeans and trainers on!

Freda demonstrating her adventurous spirit.
Well over a foot of snow up at Craiglea. Edie takes a well earned rest from sledging, snowball throwing and grovelling in the white stuff. It seems that Edie is a bit of a hot-house flower though she will drag herself out when she sees others having fun. She then gets incredibly wet and incredibly cold in a short period of time - rolling around in drifts and taking her jacket and gloves off - before retreating back indoors to curl up by the fire.

10/1/2010 02:38:48 pm

Why has Freda suddenly sprouted a white curly Santa -like beard? What HAS she been eating in Simao?


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